Small-sized generators are great in restoring power when the grid supply fails. They can be used at construction sites and camping. There are many remote areas where there is no utility electricity. Portable generators offer essential backup. They can be used to run tools, equipment, and appliances. You should know how to select a portable generator that can meet your needs. Before purchasing any model, you should check in-depth portable generator reviews. However, this requires an understanding of electrical terminologies such as voltage and wattage.

Required wattage

This is an importantgwed6cy72wedui8u2t thing to consider when purchasing a portable generator. Heating elements and electrical equipment like motors, AC, and bulbs consume a lot of power during their operation. You will find the wattage specification written on electrical devices. It is necessary to calculate the wattage you need. Remember that a portable generator is not designed to provide a lot of power. If you need a lot of wattage, you should buy a generator that consumes more fuel.


Portable generators have small wheels that make them easy to move around. On the other hand, high wattage ones are very heavy and cannot be moved easily from one place to another. If you want a generator at construction or camping site, then the portability and weight should be taken into account.


Some generators are not meant to run on sensitive equipment like computers. This is because they generate fluctuating current. There is no problem with general appliances but not ideal for machines or devices, which require continuous stable power. If you have the sensitive equipment, you should consider buying an inverter generator.

Fuel efficiency

Most portable generators provide 8 hours of continuous power when the fuel tank is fully filled. You should choose a generator that provides optimal hours of power and uses a minimal amount of fuel. Nowadays, there are propane generators. It is advisable to check fuel prices and determine the type of fuel that will be economical.

Noise level

Some residential areas, local authorities have set strict regulations related to generator noise level. Choose a generator that produces minimal noise as it is less irritating to users. Fortunately, there are some models in silent varieties, but they do cost more.

The above are important factors that you ought to consider when purchasing a portable generator. They all give the same 120V and have just a single outlet. Remember that wiring is needed to take power from the outlet to other parts of your household.