dsaa333caIf your home has a smell that you have not been able to get rid of, it is highly likely that you are taking the wrong approach. You should not have bad odor in your home when everything is clean. However, you may realize that there is still bad smell in your home after cleaning everything.

There are many things that need to be done to eliminate bad odor. The first thing that you need to do is find the best odor eliminator for your home. The other things that you should do to eliminate bad odor include;

  1. Ventilate your home

If you are sure that the bad smell is not coming from outside, it will be good to open the windows to let the fresh air in. Let the sunlight shine through your house. This is very important because there is noting lee that is as good as fresh air in odor elimination. However, if the weather does not allow you to open the windows, you should find other ways to ventilate your house. For example, you can use a fan to facilitate air circulation.

  1. Get rid of the smelly items

Try to identify the things that are smelly in your home. You have to remove these things from your home if you want to get rid of the bad odor. Sometimes, putting smelly items outside may help you to get rid of the smell. Do not put the source of the odor back in your house. It is not possible to get rid of the odor in your home if you do not remove the source. Bathe your pet, take out the trash, clean your fridge etc. Do everything that you think you need to do to stop the creation of more odor.

  1. Clean your house

Make sure that everything in your house is clean. If everything in your home is clean, there will be no odor in your house. Vacuum all the rooms in your house. Focus on the carpets, curtains and upholstery. Clean your floor and all other hard surfaces. Also, make sure that your bedding and clothes and shoes are clean. If you are unable to get rid of the smell coming from your carpet, upholstery or anything else despite several cleaning attempts, you should not hesitate too seek help from the professionals. Cleaning professionals will know exactly what to do help you get rid of the odor.


Choosing a custom closet is the best thing that can happen to your bedroom. This is because the closet is tailored to meet your needs and expectations. When opting for Custom closets, it is important to know your closet needs and determine what is important to you. A custom closet brings your personality and taste and defines who you are. That is why each closet is different depending on different needs and personality.

Benefits of a custom closet

Easy to organizedjfhdjhfjdh

A custom closet is always made with an idea in mind. When designing a custom closet you try to incorporate your needs into the design of the closet. For instance, if you know that you have more shoes than clothes, you create a bigger shoe space to accommodate more shoes. This makes it easy when organizing your closet because it is already made according to your needs.


The best thing about a custom closet is the durability it offers. When you decide to go for a custom closet, you are sure that it will be there in the years to come. This is because a custom closet comes with expansion options and also options to redesign it. When you feel that your closet needs need a change, all you have to do is make minor readjustments, and you are good to go. This is different from the other closet where you have to buy a new closet all together.

Compatibility with home designs

Our homes are different, and this means our closet should be different. The best thing about custom closets in the ability to fit well into the home design. This makes the home look good in overall appearance. When looking for a custom closet, you will always look for a closet that can fit well into your home décor and plan without looking awkward.


jxhfjdhfhfThe purpose of a custom closet is creating efficiency not only in organizing the closet but also in the way we live our lives. This means that the closet is created to fit in our lifestyle and not trying to fit the closet in our lifestyle. A custom made the closet, for instance, makes our routine easy. It can be made to accommodate our daily routine and lifestyle. From the time you take a shower up to the time you choose the kind of clothes. A custom made closet makes work easy for us and not just providing a solution to organizing our clothes.


You should consider professional washing services if you need your home to look at its best. Pressure cleaning is not a rare methodology as it used to be perceived earlier. There are four components that constitute to pressure cleaning and they are; cleaning solution, water, water flow rate and the amount of pressure. You can utilize a pressure washing company services. By power washing your home and other exterior areas around your home you can easily and effectively remove sediments, built-up dirt, and debris.

Benefits of pressure washing

This will reduce the tear and wear factor by getting rid of insects, weeds, algae, mold and more. These built-up if left over some time, they break down and cause damage the wood. Aside from this, jm36etd62y7eu82i29o20other benefits of pressure washing include;

  • It helps prepare and area for painting or staining project
  • Removes plants growing where they should not be growing
  • Removes stains from drive and walkways
  • It makes the home sanitary for children
  • It is the best method to remove graffiti, oil and grease stains

Pressure Cleaning Compared to other Cleaning Methods

Every cleaning method will be determined by the outcome. If the process will consume more time and high rates, no one might want to encrypt it. If you compare conventional methods of cleaning and pressure cleaning, you will realize conventional cleaning require a lot of labor in removing a stain. They also used hazardous chemicals which are harmful to the environment. Cleaning a large area full of stains will prove a challenge as well.

In all these instances pressure washing proves to be effective. It can be handled by a professional cleaning company or by yourself but that is if you have some expertise.

Why Should You Let Professionals do Pressure Cleaning?

However effective this method of cleaning is, you better let the professionakmn35et6y2723e626y282ils from Clean Green Solution do the work for you because, you might be tempted to pressure wash your home and the process will be time-consuming, frustrating and above all costly. To rent a pressure washer per day will cost you about $100. You will also need to travel to your local rent location, get the machine, fuel it and return before the deadline.

The good thing with pressure washing is that it works on almost any kind of surface and if handled properly, it causes no damage. It is the best method to clean laminated floors, concrete, tiles, bricks and even machinery parts. Hire experts from Clean Green Solution and they will do wonders in your home with this method.


Are you looking for a luxurious condo in Calgary, well there are so many benefits that you can enjoy by owning your condo.

Why Calgary

Condos in Calgary

Calgary is one of the most developed and cosmopolitan city in Canada. If you live in a rental apartment, consider dfdffdfdffvvvupgrading your lifestyle to a more rewarding condo that contains all the amenities that you have always wished to have. By owning a condo, you will be able to enjoy a more quality life while not worrying too much about rent payment and high homeowners association fees.

Once you own your condo, you can customize and decorate it in a way that makes it unique. There are so many decorating techniques that can help to make your condo look more appealing.


Condo living is convenient for most families, and it is much better than rental apartments. If you find it hard to own or rent a condo in Calgary, you can seek financial help from Condo loan mortgage banks that offer affordable condo loans at a small interest rate. Even though some banks in Canada consider condo loans as business loans, the cost of owning a condo with a loan is still cheaper.

Once you buy a condo, it will appreciate over a period and you, can resell it to make more profit later in life. If you want to work in Calgary and relocate to another city in future, you can still buy a condo and sell it at a profit once you move out of Calgary.


bvvbvbvbvbvbvvvCondo ownership is more cheaper than buying a residential home. If you want your family to live in an cosmopolitan urban area, consider buying Calgary Condos. If you want to live in a large condo, there are several condos that you can compare and choose the one that perfectly suits your needs. Before you buy a condo in Calgary, consult with a real estate agent to get more advice on how to choose a suitable condo for your family.

Security Camera 08

Security is an important aspect of every human generation. All people strive to secure their homes at all times. However, they sometimes miss a few points towards achieving a fully secured home. Below are home security ideas that help in attaining a more secure home.

Ground floor doors and windows

Sliding doors and ground floor windows can easily open from outside. Therefore, it is advisable that windows and sliding doors be well looked especially at night, and no one is at home.Door Camera 05

Balconies & Garage Doors

The balcony doors too should never be left unlocked at night. Balconies can provide easy access to burglars. Garage doors also provide access to the main house, and should be treated like any other door. The garage door, as well as the door to the main house, should be locked properly.

New home security

Moving to a new residence, demand for change of locks. You never know the bearer of the copy of the keys. The basic rule is a new home, new locks.


Leaves lights on, when going out. You can choose to leave lights on in one or two rooms of the house or where possible, use a light timer that automatically turns on the light at a set time. The alarm makes a thief hesitate in breaking into the house. Security lights should be placed at an entry point to the house and the yards.

Door notes

Leaving notes at the door for whatever reason, for example, to a delivery company notifying them that you will be away is a very risky affair. It should be prohibited at all costs since it communicates a different message to a robber. The presence of a note confirms to a robber that no one is at home.

Security Camera 07Observe the neighborhood

Keeping the security of your home includes reporting any strange occurrence in the neighborhood. For example, a strange car driving several times through the neighborhood throughout the day or unknown parked car along the roads of the neighborhood must be reported to the police.

Alarm systems

An alarm system is an important asset towards achieving more secure home. Should a burglar break into a house, an alarm system will always deter the proceedings thus saving your property and belonging.

Loss of keys

The locks should be changed every other time a key is lost. This is because whoever might have picked the key is unknown to you. The keys should be kept carefully to avoid regularly lock changes.