There are different forms of motorized transportation. Of all types, the motorbike rider is exposed to more hazards. As such, they need to invest in the right protective gear. There are many types of motorbiking gear and apparel. These include helmets, riding boots, gloves, riding jackets among others. From this variety, the main reason people invest in quality jackets is their protective features against weather extremes and ant accident.
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Not until the 1940’s, bikers used or types of clothing to protect themselves. It was not until they featured in a popular film “The Wild One”. Besides the elegant look, a biker jacket is meant to protect the arms and torsos. As such, a biker with a good unit is assured that he/she is protected from all manner of perils.

There are two major types of motorbiking jackets. These include the traditional trouser and jacket type and the superior quality, stylish single piece jacket that is common to riders in competitive sports. Moreover, most top quality units are usually padded at the shoulders and elbows to give the extra rider protection. As such, depending on the nature of biking you should purpose to choose one that perfectly suits you.

Features to Look For In Riding Jackets

When you go shopping for motorbiking jackets, you will realize that there are several options to choose from. For instance, besides going for a jacket, you should consider reviewing the best motorbike jackets buying the complete unit. The good thing about these coats is their versatility. As such, a bike rider, a student or a business person can get one based on their style. Before making your decision, here are a few features to look for.

CE Certification

This certification is a mark of quality. As such, it gives the buyer an assurance that the material used in making the jacket is durable and of high quality. In this regard, customers are advised to avoid jackets without this certification.


Motorbiking can be risky particularly for bikers fond of riding at high speed and those navigating sharp bends. This feature serves to protect the bikers from abrasion and other impact injuries.

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Comfort is a key feature when shopping for a biking jacket. As such a jacket with these feature serves offers a smooth and uniform airflow within the jacket leaving the biker comfortable.

Quick Dry

This is another interesting feature that buyers should look for. This feature makes the jacket dry fast and enhances the waterproofing features of the jacket. Besides, it also serves to ensure that the jacket is not discolored easily.