Clean car park

The nature of a commercial car park is that vehicles drive in and out on a regular basis. Being a commercial car park, it has to provide enough space for as many clients as it can hold. This means that it has to have a good structural foundation as well as a strong structure. It has to have a good look that appeals to the clients and offer security to those who use it. Running one, therefore, needs a lot of considerations to be made beyond those we have mentioned here. What then are the best ways to give best care and maintenance of a commercial car park?

Structural maintenance

Parked carsCommercial car parks hold a lot of vehicle weight. This directly strains the building’s structure. Cracks may appear which are a potential risk if not taken care of. Cracks are a sign of a weakening of the building. A knowledgeable city structural engineer should be called to check and advice on the way forward. The fact that vehicles keep driving in and out causes some wear and tear on the paths too. This should be repaired to enable a smooth drive around the car park. Good lighting is also essential as car parks find customers during different times of the day. Suitable lights should be adopted and maintained very well.

Adopt good housekeeping practices

The beauty of a car park is a great appeal to clients. Cleanliness of the park area, sealing of cracks, washing of oil spills and repairing dull areas is a need of the car park. Clean areas support good air, while oils spills give off a bad odor and they can cause vehicle slips. A regular car park sweeping is necessary at regular intervals to clear leaves, light dirt and dust. Very smooth routes can be slippery and should be made a bit rough, while very rough ones need to be made a bit smoother. This provides a smoother ride around your park.

Ensure good security for vehicles and people

Car parkVehicles and their owner, as well as any visitors, need good security. Fitting automatic doors at entry points is important for regulating the flow in and out of the park. Visible, well painted and clear road signs prevent minor accidents. Security checks at entry and exit points are vital to ensure robberies and other possible security issues don’t occur to clients.

Keep good drainage and surface flow

Water from car parks needs to find good drainage systems to ensure oil spills, flooding, and standing waters don’t cause damages. Consultation on building good drainage systems should be done to ensure the flow is at its best Anti-freeze, hydraulic fluids, grease and oil spills are some of the surface flows that come from car parks. It is best to have a point that can separate oils and water to ensure pollution is kept to a minimum. Sustainable drainage units (SUDs) can also help hold of surface water until the pollutant materials in them become broken down naturally. These runoffs can then be directed to public sewer lines without asking for the government consent as they have no pollutants.

If car parks owners can take this steps, they can maintain their parks in a beautiful way.