A food dehydrator is a machine used to dry different kinds of foods. These machines have over the years gained popularity since they are regarded to be one of the best ways to preserve food. This is because it processes food without necessarily using contaminants that endanger our health. An excellent dehydrator is a huge investment. When buying one, you want to be sure that you get the best quality for your money. That is why visiting Dehydrator Spot website for price comparison is the best start point. Here is a look at the best food dehydrator for home.


Dried mushroomsBefore buying a dehydrator, you should have an idea about how it works. They preserve food by removing the moisture content. They circulate warm air around stacked trays and this allows water to evaporate consistently and simultaneously. Since it does not involve any cooking, the food nutrients and flavor is retained and in some cases, it is enriched. The dehydrated food ends up having a longer shelf life than when fresh.

Airflow and heat distribution

As we have seen, dehydrators work by removing the moisture content in food. Therefore, the best dehydrator should have even heat distribution and an effective air flow. Look at the measures which the manufacturer has put in place to achieve this. Horizontal dehydrators have the best design for this, although most vertical dehydrators have some design elements and fans to improve airflow.

Size and capacity

Check any kitchen space that you have when buying the dehydrator. You also need to consider the amount of food you’ll to be drying at ago. Vertical flow models tend to occupy less counter space but they normally have a smaller capacity. If you intend to be dehydrating food in bulk, then the best for you might be the horizontal flow models because they typically have a larger capacity.

Ease of use

Using a food dehydrator is easy and the ease of use does not differ much from one model to another. A dehydrator that dries evenly means that you will not have to keep switching the shelves. If you don’t like spending time washing items then, the best dehydrator for you is one whose most parts are safe to put in a dishwasher.


The most expensive home dehydrators have a larger capacity, great heat distribution and they require little maintenance. On the other hand, cheap ones will accomplish their goal but they might have a limitation on the type of food you can dehydrate and they may require more maintenance. The best model is one whose price falls in between the two extremes.

Convenient features

The best dehydrator should have the following convenient features to ease your work:

  • Timer – food dehydration can take hours, thus it’s easy for you to forget. A dehydrator with a timer can be left working on its own.
  • Auto shutoff – with an auto shutoff, you can leave the dehydrator working and you go shopping or even sleep.
  • Thermostat – different types of food dehydrate best at different temperatures. Being able to adjust the temperature is an essential feature. Look for a dehydrator whose thermostat is adjustable.

With the above guide, you will definitely buy a dehydrator that you will enjoy using in your home.